Disinfection Water Generator

Disinfection Water Generator

Category : Hospital and Elderly care

We, Nanachart Traders Consolidation Ltd. are authorized distributor of OSG (Japan) for their Disinfection Water Generator.

OSG (Japan) is a leading manufacturer in Japan in the field of Disinfection Water Generator, and their device is adopted by many industries such as Hospital, Elderly Care Facility, Food processing, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, etc.

This machine provides the solution for anti-infection problem occurred at hospitals and elderly care facilities.

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Disinfection Water Hi Clo Soft Acidic Water

  • Water produced by using salt and electrolyzing water containing a small amount of hydrochloric acid.
  • Good sterilization effect due to available chlorine of 50-70ppm.
  • Replenish the additive solution and use it at a low production cost of 3-5 yen per liter.
  • Widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, factories, and university laboratories.