Bedding Products

Bedding Products

Category : Apparel

We, Nanachart Traders” supply various kind of bedding finished products as well as raw materials (down and polyester cotton) at high quality and affordable price.

”Well Sleep”

Our finished products (futon, blanket, quilt, pillow, cover, towel, rug and etc.) are produced by the determination for greatly supporting human health by providing comfortable sleep to our customers. In addition, we are focusing on traceability management of down materials and our down products (down duvet and down jacket) have the Down Pass Certificate with cooperation of European suppliers which we have built and secured the good relation for many years long.

As another products, we handle polyester cotton and sheep wool as raw material of bedding products supplying to manufacturing factories.

We continuously contribute to the world in various bedding products, and we intently aim to improve the human living life with well environmental caring.

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