Gas Station Related Business

Our core trading activities in Thailand are handling in wide range of products from various trade sectors including machine supply. 

We provide various machines and products related to machinery as a machine supplier.

With almost 50 years experience in manufacturing  as machine supplier of high-end, high quality machine parts and product parts in all of kinds of materials.

Many of the top Thailand companies have contracted with Nanachart Traders to manufacture their machines.

Food Solution Related Business

We ensure food solutions, and provide the best product for customers.

Apparel Related Business

Nanachart Traders is apparel manufacturer and provide Working Wear, Dress Shirts, Bedding Products and Material.

We manufacture apparel for small to large scale. Working with Nanachart Traders means working with a reliable, professional and flexible apparel manufacturer  partner in Thailand.

Chemical Related Business

Nanachart Traders are selling chemicals, including various grades of elastomer, resin and industrial-specialty chemical products. Our focus is on selling chemicals for industrial who are in needs and require various chemicals for their products located in Thailand.

Hospital and elderly care related business

Nanachart Traders is the most reputabl distributor for hospital equipment (อุปกรณ์โรงพยาบาล) and eldery care in Thailand. We provide various devices and products for hospital equipment in Thailand. We have been marketing various kind of hospital equipment, such as disposable diaper packing machine, disinfection water generator, and assisting suits for eldery care. We believe different type of care require different supporting equipment, therefore selecting the products that provide for various needs and situations is important.

We create comfortable healthcare environments with our hospital equipment. (อุปกรณ์โรงพยาบาล) 

Other Products

We provide unique products in various fields.