Car Washer

Car Washer

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We, Nanachart Traders, are authorized distributor of DAIFUKU and HALLIM brand car washing machine in Thailand.


Daifuku (Japan) and Hallim (S.Korea) are No.1 car washing machine manufacturer in each country. Hallim is subsidiary company of Daifuku. In these two countries, they have sold around nearly 2,000 units of car washing machines a year by group, thanks to good performance and reputation in the market.

As an authorized distributor in Thailand, we provide professional sales and service and contribute to the automobile industry for automatic car wash machine. Discover the automatic car wash machine from Nanachart Traders with portal car washes with high washing volumes. Nanachart Traders have launched a groundbreaking car washing machine that does not use brushes (Non-brush car washing machine), and it has been highly evaluated in the market.

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Hallim Car Washer (Car Washing Machine)

Hallim Touch Free Car Washer (Car Washing Machine)
– CLENS JET_ENG_1 (Non Brush)